Lost in the sauce at Harmonic Dream…

It started off with an idea. Create something beautiful curated around art and great music in our community that will leave a major impact on everyone. Big love to Thomas Mcnary, Brandon Norrie, and the entire team for letting me get involved in this project and for all their hard work, love, time and energy put into this. My responsibilities included Artist Hospitality, a few talent bookings, on-sight development, social media, etc .. Overall gained an amazing experience and opportunity that I am blessed to be apart of it. Big ups everyone involved, it truly exceeded anything I could have imagined.

The Harmonic Dream: Full Moon Gathering is a 2 day music & arts festival in Tampa, FL. Gathering the energy from the full moon, bringing people together, showcasing art, incredible music with outstanding production and sound. Bringing one of the most diverse curated musical lineup’s in the underground/bass music scene. On top of some of the best visual and live artists, painters, & curators of some of the most groundbreaking art in the underground. I’ve never seen such a well put together collaboration fusing music and art.

We started with our initial lineup. Artists that we looked up to who are transmitting sound waves on a whole other caliber of music. We were looking for Insane sound design, proper production, fat. chunky. beats … every single artist crushing boundaries. We hit the thick sticky downtempo, dub, heavy bass wubs, glitch, dnb, Neuro, Halftime, experimental and everything in between. We had the pleasure of presenting Jade Cicada, Minnesota Bogtrotter, Goopsteppa, and many more. Second phase got real gooey with these few additions. Got to add Frequent, one of the best in sound design right now. Got introduced to his sound at Infra summer '17, where he played his first ever festival set. Later, at a after party for Tipper in New Orleans I knew we had to through him on the bill. Big ups to Envisioned Arts, Rogue Agency, Danimal & Tyler for the collaboration and making that happen. Got the pleasure of adding my boy HOUMAN, a talented producer on Wavecraft Collective out of Atlanta. We did Episode 5 on 40 OZ radio and he released the first track on the label called “Databass” he’s really capturing waves with his unique sound. Also added Mystic Grizzly, my brother Jordan coming out of Florida. It’s crazy how much his life and career has taken off in the past year, his progression as an artist is impeccable and it's really awesome seeing it happen in front of your eyes. He just played The UNTZ and is on a seemingly nonstop summer tour. Spreading his Ancient Alien Space Bass and native sound across the nation. Lets not forget the cherry on top our special guest Duffrey, coming in hot with a live edit/scratch sessions. All the way from Australia he is 1/3 ULTRASLOTH (a collaborative project with Biolomigeun, and kLL sMTH ).

I had the pleasure to curate the side stage with the addition of over 23 different local producers and DJ’s plus a few out of town guests such as the lovely INDIGO AURA. She drove out 15 hours from Indiana to play some tunes, showcasing some proper dub plates as well original music, be sure to keep an eye out for Indigo Aura. Got to add BoHemian of ThazDope Records, one the most talented coming out of Central Florida especially in the area of sound design. Other artists include Deathmoment, Really Confused, Slaycub, IanQT, Tango.9 Experiment (myself x Tango), Ikuma, Salem Moon, and many more gems. Special thanks to ChayaAV for allowing us in her Temple. The Celestial Chaya Lounge was a visual exhibit consisting of an original pin drop, gallery showcase, and 3D projection mapping displaying Chaya's original animation. The vibe for the entire decompression.

The visual artist lineup contained double the amount of artist than the music. It was remarkable, seeing so many live artists, paint all over the venue. So many different styles and energy coming together. We had Aaron Brooks and Ellie Paisley come out from Colorado They made merch, 5 variants of pins and did a collab on a dope mural. I remember catching up with Aaron midway through the weekend and seeing how he was doing/ being treated/how his stay has been in FL, and he was having such a great time. Told me how he’s never seen so much art come together like this, he goes “it’s like damn the art is the main stage and like the music is second stage” and we laughed and i thought that was as interesting way to look at it. Thank you to every artist involved Chaya.AV, Steve Wilson, Mr. Cranklin, Austin "Slim" Gee, Renee King, Sampl3s, Subtlecodes, The Metanist, and many more. I learned so much from every single one of you and fell in love with art again.

We kicked back and enjoyed Jade Cicada (the last set of the weekend) and threw glow sticks and drank champagne, celebrated with every person who was apart of this experience, (my family). All of the hard work, problems, long nights, hours and hours, months and months of prep and all the energy put into this was so worth it. At this moment we realized that this was so much bigger than us. We did it, we had a dream, we worked to create something beautiful, and monumental and It was one of the most special and surreal moments of my life. Brandon and I went up to the sound booth and sat behind Jordan who was running visuals and lasers for the event it was then when Jade started his whole dnb section and it was like something out a dream. Overall it was a big learning experience, there was definitely some chalenges but I only really wanted to shed light on the positives and the impact this gathering has had on everyone around us and our community. It taught me a lot about how to work successfully with a team, a lot about professionalism, hospitality, execution, how massive communication is a par in all of this and how with it ... everything can go to shit. This experience has thought me about love, music, art, myself, and the future of our community. I learned that with hard work and dedication our opportunities are endless.

Thank you for letting me relive this experience with you

- (VISUAL.9)

** All Photography by: Vanessa VH // Visual Healing Photography **

Editor: Mazin A. Kheir

WE did that, WE executed. Now we work on ourselves and our community continuing to grow as people and as a community for the better.