Lost In The Sauce Entry 002: Levitation Jones "The Putrescence EP"

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Brian 'Jones', more commonly known as Levitation Jones, gives us a piece of his mind, body, and being with his latest release. The Putrescence brings you on a ghoulish/eerie adventure immersed in ominous sounds that take you through twists and turns complimented with experimental riffs. Composed from the mind of a man lost in his thoughts, Levi pours his soul into deep, dark dubstep, and cinematic pieces of music. The sounds take you through a braided journey, similar to an experience between a Quentin Tarantino film or an Alfred Hitchcock movie. A beautiful collection of works, with each tune diving deeper into the depths that make up his soul. For me, the meaning behind the Putrescence EP, is accepting that we are slowly decaying, this temporary existence we all share here doesn’t have to be a concept we try to ignore, and constantly push into the back of our minds.

"Slug walk"

Deep, classic dub sound. Very lurky. Makes you want to crawl around on the ground and dance like time is nonexistent; the perfect way to start this project. A timeless tune written impeccably, accompanied with stellar production and sound design, one of the best tracks (in my opinion) that Brian has crafted. A standout on this EP for sure.


You really get the flair for his style within the layering and use of original vocal samples. How he lays them out with perfect ease and execution, a very subtle flow with not only a deep meaning, but intertwined in perfect placement. Definitely a whole new spectrum for a Levitation Jones track, this showcases his versatility, how he can step out of his comfort zone to adjust his style and fit virtually any vibe. An in depth use of the low-end synth and 808's sounds. A theatrical track, leaves the listener craving more of his sound, and most importantly, wanting to know how his mind works.

"The Putrescence"

Classic Levi Jones track introducing a whole new realm of production. This track serves as an introduction to the rest of the album, the exposition of the perfect horror film. Sounds like he made a double feature with the next track -


This tune follows a similar flow and almost feels like the continuation leading up to a climax of the story. The composition, grime, and crunch of this record most definitely stands out from the rest of the project.


Brian goes left field with a fun and interesting collab with the boy, Mad Salvy, based out of Nashville. A break from the norm, straying from the typical deep and dark bass we’ve been submerged in. Salvy completes the bill with thought provoking lyrics that blends the project so well, providing some eerie hip-hop flow to the overall electronic masterpiece. Love that he threw this track in there. Intrigued to hear more collaborations with Levitation and other vocalists.


Woah … is all I can say, I'm almost at a loss for words.

An ambient love story hand picked from the Reapers bookshelf. A clean wrap-up, this is one of the most beautifully composed pieces produced by Levitation Jones to date. Shows how talented he has grown as an artist, as well as how far the depth of his music, and his artistry, has gotten. Feels like someone's last words, their dying testimony, a reflection of life and death. Easily my favorite on this EP, literal chills every time I hear it.

Overall I am beyond proud of the love and profound energy put forth in creating something this powerful. Very excited for the future of Levitation Jones and his progression as an artist. The Putrescence has definitely taken the cake as my favorite piece he has created. Showcases a lot of depth not only in his music, but himself, as he experiments with new sounds and steps out of his comfort zone. The man is truly talented, a force to be reckoned with. Allow yourself to get lost in these sounds, and the twisted, surreal mind of a mad genius.

Be on the look out for a Post Future showcase on 40oz Radio with Levitation Jones, Ludge, Hyperbolic Headspace, FRQ NCY, and many more special guests in October.

A very special Levitation Jones episode dropping on Halloween :)

- (VISUAL.9)

Editors: Grady Bergin, Mazin A. Kheir, Alana Roepke, James Zevolo

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