Lost in the Sauce Entry 003: Create. - NYE360 Pre Party w/ Mr. Bill, Keota + many more

Lost in the sauce in Greensboro ...

We want to start by giving lots of love to John Coyne and our friends over at “Create.” for letting a 40oz Collective come out and provide media coverage for the “Unofficial” Pre-Party for Bassnectar’s NYE360 in Greensboro, North Carolina. They threw an incredible event that brought together many talented producers, artists and music lovers from across the country. The lineup included artists such as MAU5TRAP’s Mr. Bill, Keota, Black Carl, Murkury, Bromosapien, and our very own - Ravenscoon. Over 500 people showed up to experience the magic that was created that night. It was an honor to be a part of it.

As the night began we descended into the music to experience one of a 40oz Collective’s hottest new artist “Ravenscoon,” who came all the way out from San Francisco to hit the crowd from top rope. Ravenscoon blends heavy bass music with rap and hip hop acapellas + melodic and nostalgic tunes, creating an experience that is unlike most in the underground scene. Ravenscoon is just the type of bass dad you’d want to take home. Armed with vicious mashup’s and smooth melodic journeys Ravenscoon came so correct … be on the lookout for his debut EP coming this February.

- Murkury via Visual Healing Photography

Following up after Ravenscoon was “Murkury” representing The Undergrowth - a group of talented producers and artists coming out of Asheville, NC. We debuted a 40oz Radio mix with Murkury (Episode 16), so you should go check that out if you haven’t. He absolutely snapped on creating his episode and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him and The Undergrowth. Murkury is so talented and we are very excited to see him continue to grow as an artist.

- Black Carl via Visual Healing Photography

A 40oz Collective also gives major love and respect to our boy Black Carl, who came all the way from Alabama for his set. Carl is an absolute gangster to the game, blending one of the hottest sounds out right now. He is one of THE artists to keep your eyes on in 2019.

- Keota via Visual Healing Photography

Tom Brennan better known as “Keota,” was another smash success of the night. Coming from all the way down in Florida, Keota blessed us with a trip through his mind via an all original journey through his immaculate sound design. Who TF is Keota? Find out next week when he will be the next artist to be showcased on a 40 oz Radio! Episode 20 will feature an hour visual + auditory mix to create a full sensory experience of the senses, so make sure to stay tuned.

- Mr. Bill via Visual Healing Photography

To close off the night we had the absolute legend Mr. Bill providing sound selections that gripped the crowd by their souls. By far one of the most intelligent and talented musicians of this generation, it is incredible to see him on a lineup for a Bassnectar event. This unique and talented lineup truly shows how powerful good music is and how it can bring so many different people together. If you are ever remotely close to a Mr. Bill set please go out of your way to make it happen…. you will not be disappointed!

Overall it was a great experience and a pleasure to be involved with Create.’s NYE360 Pre Party. Thank you to every person that took part in curating this journey through music. We cannot wait to make more memories around the country as we ascend into this new year, also major love to the Bassnectar team, 360 was a truly monumental night and was the perfect way to lead into the new year.

Happy New Year from our family to yours and remember to always smile, follow your dreams and continue to strive to be the best you that you can possibly be. Thank you for an incredible 2018, we look forward continuing to build and grow together.

- a 40oz Collective

Media Coverage provided by A 40oz Collective.

** All Photography done by: Visual Healing Photography *

Published by: a 40oz Collective

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