Lost In The Sauce Entry 004: The Untz Festival

Lost in the sauce at The Untz ...

Reflecting back on my experience at The Untz, all I can do is smile. It was truly a profound journey through music – a beautifully captured moment in time. Massive amounts of respect and appreciation for the entire team that came together to make this happen, they did an impeccable job. I look forward to seeing them grow as a festival and in general as a company and as people. A crew with solid intentions to be progressive in the scene and to bring people together. Hat goes off to The Untz Festival, we are stoked to work further with them as a unit to make the community stronger and to showcase great music and art.

Mersiv - Daytime at Main Stage via 40oz Media Talk about a stacked lineup though front to back including acts such as Space Jesus, Bleep Bloop, Subtronics, Slug Wife Takeover (Kursa, Seppa, & K.L.O), Freddy Todd, Tiedye Ky, G-Space, Bukez Finezt, Ternion Sound, Ultrasloth, VCTRE, Shield … and many more talented artists. The way the music blended the entire weekend was absolutely spectacular, minimum to no conflicts between acts. They provided something for everyone to get down no matter what if you liked deep dubstep, riddim, halftime, dnb etc … the music was very diverse and refreshing.


Subtronics via 40oz Media

Shouts out to Wormhole Oakland, Shadowtrix Music, & Sub.mission for putting together something special and for showcasing each of their platforms, each had their own individual stage, style and individual vibe - beautiful job done. Another highlight of the weekend was the Sound-system culture that was a major key element, from Funktion 1’s to Hennessey Sound the music BUMPED all weekend on some of the best sound system’s in the country. That’s the one thing festivals need more of and pay higher attention to is the sound system they bring out, in my opinion that should be the number 1 thing to be focused on (aside from safety).

Kursa - Slug Wife Takeover via 40oz Media What a time to be alive, an unforgettable 3 days … we really want to thank The Untz for supporting so many of our close friends and family who were billed on this lineup. Thank you for providing them a platform to play out their music and for them to be apart of something. My personal favorite sets of the weekend were Shield, VCTRE, Kursa, The Lost Dogz Takeover, Ternion Sound, Space Jesus and tiedye ky – even though every set I seen blew me away those few really stood out to me. Every single artists on this lineup did phenomenal and we are very impressed.

VCTRE - Shadowtrix Stage via 40oz Media We would like to give a personal thank you to Anand Harsh for inviting us out to The Untz Festival. We had the incredible opportunity to do media coverage for the festival and capture content and experiences & to be apart of the magic. Anand is the Chief Content Officer at Owner/Agent at Re:Evolution Booking, also the Main Writer/Publisher for their editorials, articles & write ups.

Anand, Renee King, Freddy Todd, Tiedye Ky

He is also the person who oversees their incredible advertising and makes the comedic videos, Anand is the mastermind behind the vision – a man of many talents and is one of the most creative and inspiring people. Thank you for being yourself always and for your endless hard work. My favorite thing about The Untz is their meaningful write up’s they do on everything from their music releases, festival, to what’s hot right now, by simply showcasing multiple levels of appreciation though their writing. It really captures the medium between music and the community … shouts out to The Untz for that.

ONHELL, Space Jesus & Freddy Todd - Candid via 40oz Media Being able to express myself through a Lens and capture the essence of the vibe that was the coolest part for me. From capturing the moments of the people smiling in the crowds, being on stage with main acts and catching the way the lights hit the CDJ’s and capturing the energy from the DJ was so awesome. To the kids geeking off the music, to decompressing and laying in the sun with my best friends, to networking with people and getting candid moments that we will remember forever. This trip got me back into photography & videography and that is something that is very special for me that I haven’t experienced in years and influenced me to get back in it full swing.

Ternion Sound - Sunset vibes at the Sub.Mission stage via 40oz Media Thinking back on everything I am so happy that me and my team made our way over to California for this incredible experience. Just want to give a special thank you to The Untz and their team for the never ending support towards 40oz and for believing in what we are about and for inviting us to be apart of their party. What a blast … truly blew us away and we look forward to the future and for next years event. 10/10. Make sure to gear up and plan for next years Untz gathering. - Visual.9 a 40oz Collective

Media Coverage provided by A 40oz Collective.

** All Photography done by: Karlos Cruz courtesy of: 40oz Media *

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